Subsidiary company

Registration date: 04.03.2019г. (primary 05.10.2007г.)
Founders: 49% - JSC " SEC "Turkestan"; 51% - Zhumabayev Sherkhan Kuttybekovich
General director: Khusanbaev Nurzhan Turapbaevich
Kind of activity: a) implementation of the master plan and detailed planning projects; b) development of master plans and detailed planning projects; c) monitoring of all construction and architectural projects and engineering networks and communications, newly built and commissioned facilities; d) creation of a unified urban planning database on the territory of the city of Turkestan, containing up-to-date information on the urban development situation of the relevant region; e) preparation and delivery of materials to the land commission for the allotment, change of purpose, cutting, lease or purchase of land plots, etc.; f) development of working projects of buildings and structures; g) registration and monitoring of completed topographic surveys with entry into an electronic database
Contact details: 8-702-376-98-88
Authorized capital: 109.7 million tenge

Registration date: 12.06.2019г
Founders: 25% - JSC " SEC "Turkestan"; 75%-"AK-Zhol" LLP.
General director: Vasitova Ugilzhan Sabyrzhanovna
Kind of activity: Creation of a feed base with the use of modern irrigation systems, creation of MTS, construction of a dairy farm.
Contact details: + 7 702 917 55 54
Authorized capital: 400 million tenge

Registration date: 31.03.2020
Founders: 100 % Joint Stock Company «Social and Entrepreneurial Corporation «Turkestan»
General director: Khudiyarov Galymzhan
Kind of activity: Providing assistance to the population in the form of a food basket and monetary compensation

Registration date: 19.01.2010
Founders: 9% - JSC «SEC «Turkistan», 91% - «KazElitStroy 2050» LLP
General director: Karataev Shukhrat Saidalimovich
Kind of activity: Extraction of finishing and building stone
Authorized capital: 4,455,689 million tenge

Registration date: 20.11.2019г. (primary 13.03.2007г.)
Founders: 49% - JSC " SEC "Turkestan"; 51% - Abenov Rakhimzhan Abdimamynuly
General director: Aybenbetov Nurata Danilovich
Contact details: 8-701-333-66-69

Registration date: 30.03.2021
Founders: 51% - Chamber of Entrepreneurs «Atameken», 49% - JSC «SEC «Turkestan»
General director: Ibadullaev Madi Ibadullayevich
Kind of activity: Increasing the coverage of microcredit graduates of the Bastau-Business project; making a profit; provision of microcredits; attracting loans
Authorized capital: 352 million tenge

Registration date: 13.10.2016 (primary 16.10.2007)
Founders: 100% SI «Management of Investment and Export TR»; JSC «SEC «Turkistan» – 100% trust management.
General director: Mukhtar Alimkhanovich
Kind of activity: Participation in the development and implementation of investment projects; participation in the development and implementation of programs aimed at the development of the social sphere; implementation of leasing activities; issuing loans to individuals and legal entities on the basis of payment, urgency and repayment.
Authorized capital: 19,050.3 million tenge

Registration date: 17.06.2009 г.
Founders: LLP «Sayram TRANS» - 90,1%, JSC «SPK «Turkestan» - 9,9%
General director: Turekulov Dzharkinbek Esetovich
Kind of activity: Operation in the field of subsoil use for the exploration and production of construction sand
Contact details: + 7 775 352 75 77
Authorized capital: 3.9 million tenge

Registration date: 17.09.2018г
Founders: «MEGAGORSTROY» - 51%; SEC «Turkistan» - 49%.
General director: Saktaganov Nursultan Bakhytovich
Kind of activity: parking and car wash for cargo vehicles, vehicle maintenance service, storage facilities, hotel services and catering services
Contact details: 8-702-749-11-11
Authorized capital: 408.2 million tenge

Registration date: 20.08.2020г
Founders: 0,41% - SEC «Turkestan»; 99,5% - «DALA-FRUIT.KZ». LLP
General director: Bietov Nurakhmet Mukhamedzhanuly
Kind of activity: Agro-industrial complex
Contact details: 8 775 142 72 82
Authorized capital: 490,8 million tenge

Registration date: 06.09.2021 (primary 16.10.2014)
Founders: 100% JSC «SEC «Turkistan»
General director: Amantaev Bekbol Smatullayevich
Kind of activity: a) transmission of electricity; b) electricity distribution; c) production of electricity by thermal power plants; d) production of electricity by other power plants; e) electrical and installation work; e) collection, treatment and distribution of water; g) sewer system; h) terminal services; i) consulting on commercial activities and management; j) other professional, scientific and technical activities not included in other categories; j) regulation and promotion of the effective conduct of economic activity; k) other types of education not included in other categories.
Authorized capital: 1,400.5 million tenge

Registration date: 23.09.2019г.
Founders: 3,77% - "SEC "Turkestan" JSC; 96,23% - "SUCCESS K" LLP»
General director: Egizbaev Adilbek Gadilbekovich
Kind of activity: Services for the dissemination of advertising
Authorized capital: 562,3 million tenge

Registration date: 26.05.2020г
Founders: 49% - JSC «SEC «Turkestan»; 51% - «Ordabasy-Kus» LLP.
General director: Omarbekov E.E.
Kind of activity: Agro-industrial complex
Authorized capital: 527.1 million tenge

Registration date: 26.10.2020г.
Founders: 49% - SEC «Turkistan» 51%- «A-SPETSSTROY» LLP
General director: Kasymov Ulan
Kind of activity: a) Design and construction of industrial, commercial, industrial and residential facilities, including multifunctional and multidisciplinary facilities; b) Construction, installation and repair work, regardless of their types; c) Architectural and planning activities; d) Design and survey, expert work; e) Other activities.
Contact details: 8-701-777-03-44
Authorized capital: 1 102.2 million tenge

Registration date: 14.12.2018г
Founders: GU "management of Finance and state assets of the Turkestan region"; JSC " SEC "Turkestan" - trust management.
General director: Orynbaev Zhandos
Kind of activity: financing of projects in the field of education, namely: construction and/or reconstruction, including modernization of preschool institutions (kindergartens), schools, vocational technical schools/colleges; financing of projects in the field of healthcare, namely: construction and/or reconstruction, including modernization of sanatorium-resort institutions, diagnostic and rehabilitation centers; financing of projects, or assistance in other ways in development, including through the organization of construction, reconstruction of cultural, sports and facilities of social importance; implementation of sponsorship, charitable activities; implementation of other types of activities not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, aimed at achieving the statutory goals.
Contact details: + 7 778 188 87 77
Authorized capital: Nonprofit organization