Subsidiary company

Registration date: 04.03.2019г. (primary 05.10.2007г.)
Founders: 49% - JSC " SEC "Turkestan"; 51% - Zhumabayev Sherkhan Kuttybekovich
General director: Khusanbaev Nurzhan Turapbaevich
Contact details: 8-702-376-98-88
Authorized capital: 109 732 653 tenge, including: JSC "SPK "Turkestan" - 53 769 000 tenge; Zhumabayev Sherkhan Kuttybaeva - 55 963 653 tenge.

Registration date: 12.06.2019г
Founders: 25% - JSC " SEC "Turkestan"; 75%-"AK-Zhol" LLP.
General director: Vasitova Ugilzhan Sabyrzhanovna
Kind of activity: Agribusiness
Contact details: + 7 702 917 55 54
Authorized capital: JSC " SEC "Turkestan" -100,000,000 tenge;" AK - Zhol " LLP-300,000 tenge.

Registration date: 22.12.2014г
Founders: 10% - "SEC "Turkestan" JSC; 90% - "Continental Logistics" LLP»
General director: Temirbulatov Nurlan Kairgeldievich
Kind of activity: Transport and logistics activities
Contact details:
Authorized capital: The authorized capital is 4 263 567 755 tenge, of which: JSC "SEC" Turkestan "- 268 million tenge; Continental Logistics LLP - 3,995,537,000 tenge.

Registration date: 20.11.2019г. (primary 13.03.2007г.)
Founders: 49% - JSC " SEC "Turkestan"; 51% - Abenov Rakhimzhan Abdimamynuly
General director: Aybenbetov Nurata Danilovich
Contact details: 8-701-333-66-69

Registration date: 17.06.2009 г.
Founders: LLP "Sairam TRANS", JSC "SPK»Turkestan»
General director: Turekulov Dzharkinbek Esetovich
Kind of activity: Operation in the field of subsoil use for the exploration and production of construction sand
Contact details: + 7 775 352 75 77
Authorized capital: Sairam TRANS LLP - 90.1% - 3,476,913 tenge; SPC Turkestan JSC-9.9% - 382,036 tenge.

Registration date: 15.12.2017г. (primary 13.11.1998г.)
Founders: SE "Department of Finance of South Kazakhstan region" - 92.86%; JSC " SEC "Turkestan" -7.14%
General director: Narkulov Kaldarbek Akhunbabayevich
Kind of activity: Implementation of production and economic activities in the field of construction, services for conducting customer's own control, construction and design, technical inspection of the physical (technical) condition of buildings, structures, engineering systems and communications and their elements in order to establish their reliability and stability of operation, engineering services, production and sale of construction materials, commodity-purchasing activities for the purchase and sale of construction materials.
Contact details: 8-701-208-10-40
Authorized capital: 53,912,912 tenge of which: state institution "management of Finance of South Kazakhstan region" - 50,063,530. 08 tenge JSC "SEC "Turkestan" - 3,849,381. 92 tenge

Registration date: 18.12.2014г.
Founders: 100% - JSC " SEC " Turkestan»
General director: Bektaev Ergali Israilovich
Kind of activity: Electricity transmission and distribution; Sewage system; water Collection, treatment and distribution;
Contact details: 8-701-712-64-29
Authorized capital: 215,000 thousand tenge
Source of income: Railway line

Registration date: 23.09.2019г.
Founders: 9% - "SEC "Turkestan" JSC; 91% - "SUCCESS K" LLP»
General director: Egizbaev Adilbek Gadilbekovich
Kind of activity: Services for the dissemination of advertising
Authorized capital: 311,1 million tenge

Registration date: 14.12.2018г
Founders: GU "management of Finance and state assets of the Turkestan region"; JSC " SEC "Turkestan" - trust management.
General director: Orynbaev Zhandos
Contact details: + 7 778 188 87 77
Authorized capital: Nonprofit organization