Turkestan region is located in the South of Kazakhstan. The territory of the region is 116.1 thousand km2. The region includes 3 cities of regional significance, 13 districts, 836 localities, 177 townships and rural districts, where more than 2 million people live.

The main advantages of the region are: favorable geographical location and logistics, the presence of the highway "Western Europe – Western China", rich natural resources, human capital and low labor costs, as well as high potential for the development of agriculture and tourism.

Turkestan, being the Golden cradle of historical tourism, is very popular among both domestic and foreign tourists.

Since ancient times, considered the spiritual capital, Turkestan can receive more than a million tourists a year.

We invite you to take an active part in the implementation of projects in the field of agriculture, construction, tourism and logistics.


Chairman Of The Board

F. Baidullaev