The SEC's mission is to promote the socio-economic development of the region based on the principles of partnership between the state and business.

Vision-the SEC plans to become a multi-disciplinary regional development institution that effectively manages assets, stimulates economic activity in the growth points of the REGION, including through attracting investment, and acts as a catalyst for the formation of competitive, sustainable industries.

The goal is to support business initiatives and stimulate economic activity of businesses in the region.

Main task:

  1. creation of new and modernization of existing competitive industries in priority sectors of the region's economy (growth points);
  2. expanding cooperation with state development institutions for the implementation of business projects and ensuring the involvement of state assets in business turnover, improving problem assets and developing competitive industries on their basis;
  3. development of clusters in priority sectors, as well as coordination of partner programs for the development of small and medium-sized businesses around system-forming and large companies in the region, development of infrastructure to support start-up businesses (business incubators, technology parks, industrial zones);
  4. providing non-financial business support within the framework of SEC activities;
  5. promotion of product branding for more active promotion of products in the domestic and foreign markets;
  6. attracting domestic and foreign investors to the region for the implementation of promising projects, including on the principles of public-private partnership and providing assistance to investors in the implementation of projects through equity financing, asset participation, as well as obtaining funding under state and industry programs;
  7. increase in the value of assets and other tasks set by shareholders.