As part of the Rules for implementing mechanisms for stabilizing prices for socially important food products, the Company conducted purchasing interventions in the amount of 5 384,4tons of goods in the amount of 446 million tenge to form the Stabilization Fund for food products of the Turkestan region.

- another warehouse of the Stable Fund of 61.3 tons (flour-12.3 tons, potatoes-10.7 tons, carrots-6.6 tons, tuk-6.7 tons, sugar-1.6 tons, rice-4.0 tons, horns-7.9 tons, salt-11.6 tons);

- another 5,566. 9 tons of suppliers ' warehouses (potatoes – 4 tons 082.1, carrots-967.7 tons, tuk-273.3 tons, rice-243.8 tons).