Director of the Department: Zhanasbayeva Laura

Phone number: 8-702-720-16-01

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Work phone 5-29-36


The stabilization Fund of food products of the Turkestan region is an operational stock of food products that has a regulatory impact on the agri-food market and ensures food security in the region.

Government resolution No. 145 of March 01, 2010 approved the list of socially important goods, according to which the stabilization Fund of the Turkestan region is formed.

In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, only domestic producers can be suppliers of food products.

The purchase of food products is made in strict accordance with the decisions of the Commission of the stable Fund of the Turkestan region, which approve the list, volumes and prices for purchasing products for the needs of the stable Fund.

The purchased volume is sold at the prices approved at the meeting of the Commission for the management of the stable Fund, below the weighted average city-wide sales prices for identical types of food products.

To 07.06.2022, the Stabilization Fund has 7 941,6 tons of goods worth 761,6 million tenge. This is grade 1 flour, potatoes, carrots, onions, sugar, rice, pasta, sunflower oil, salt.

The sale of goods in Turkestan is carried out through 13 social stores and 5 supermarkets.

Since the beginning of 2022, 10 fairs have been held, 30.1 tons have been sold. goods worth 5.0 million tenge. Every Friday at the fair held on the territory of the Eco Bazaar of Turkestan, food products are sold at below-market prices. During this period, 229.2 tons of goods worth 26.1 million tenge were sold through social pavilions, 10 fairs held, as well as through outbound trade.