By the end of 2021, JSC «SEC «Turkestan» plans to complete the construction of 22 multi-storey buildings in the administrative and business center of the city of Turkestan.

In the regional center of the Turkestan region, all conditions are created for a comfortable life of citizens and the convenience of guests. Various projects are being implemented in the city to create social infrastructure, including the construction of new buildings. Thus, in the new center of Turkestan, the construction of the residential area «Turkistan Jana-qala», which includes the residential complexes «Arman» and «Syrdaria», continues by the forces of JSC «SEC «Turkestan» and attracted investors.

The construction of the residential complex «Syrdarya» was completed in early 2021, while active work is underway on the construction site of the residential complex «Arman». The total area for sales in the residential complex «Arman» last year amounted to about 19 thousand m2 of residential space for 280 apartments. By the end of 2021, it is planned to put into operation 22 houses with 780 apartments, with a total living area of more than 50 thousand m2.

Recall that commercial premises will be located on the first floors of some houses of the residential complex, and around it the infrastructure necessary for a comfortable life of the population is being created. Near the multi-storey buildings there are a children's city hospital, a polyclinic, a sports complex, a music school, and there are also plans to build kindergartens and schools.