To date, in order to provide the population with high-quality dairy products, as part of the creation of a food belt around the city of Turkestan, JSC «SEC «Turkestan» is implementing a project to build a dairy farm for 1200 heads of cattle using the Italian Rota Guido technology.

In order to provide a feed base for a dairy farm, in 2019, the implementation of a project for growing forage crops using sprinkler irrigation systems on an area of 1000 hectares on the basis of «Turkestan Agro XXI» LLP was launched. As part of the project, 18 units of sprinklers were installed and 26 units of agricultural machinery were purchased.

In the autumn of 2020, winter wheat was sown on the basis of «Turkestan Agro XXI» LLP on an area of 463 hectares. Currently, work has begun on harvesting, where the average yield is planned at the level of 30 quintals per hectare.

After the end of harvesting, it is planned to sow corn for silage by direct seeding (NO-TILL) on this site under sprinkler machines on an area of 395 hectares. This method of sowing has a minimal impact on the soil, since it does not harm the natural processes occurring in the soil, and also reduces the cost of cultivating the land and sowing forage crops.

Corn harvesting for silage is scheduled for the end of September this year, and the resulting crop will also be sent to a dairy farm as a feed base.

It should be noted that the construction of a dairy farm for 1200 heads of cattle will contribute to improving the quality and increasing the volume of milk and dairy products, will create new jobs. In the future, the project will provide the regional center with high-quality dairy products, which attracts more and more tourists every year.