As part of the development of entrepreneurial activity, as well as improving the socio-economic well-being of the region, the Regional Investment Center «ONTUSTIK» (hereinafter - RIC «ONTUSTIK»), which is under the trust management of JSC «SEC «Turkestan», implements a number of lending programs, namely:

- Credit program «Creation of family-type dairy farms»;

- Credit program «Organization of orchards, vineyards and cultivation of berry crops»;

- Credit program «Development of irrigation systems»;

Credit program «Development of processing of agricultural products»;

The program of crediting «Creation of capacities of storage, sorting and packaging of crop production»;

Credit program «Development of manufacturing industries»;

Credit program «Replenishment of working capital»;

The loan program «Lending for autumn field work».


You can get detailed information on the official website of the RIC "ONTUSTIK" or by phone: +7 (72533) 4-22-71, +7 (72533) 4-22-74.