Organizer of the Competitive selection:
Joint Stock Company "Social and Entrepreneurial Corporation "Turkestan".
Location of the organizer: Republic of Kazakhstan, Turkestan region, Turkestan, Zhana kala microdistrict, 32 street, building 20.
Contact phone numbers: +7/775/142-72-82 Shaimov B.G.. +7/747/717–61-67 Alpbekova A.M.
Deadline for accepting applications: the deadline for accepting applications expires on September 8, 2022 at 19:00 Nur-Sultan time.
Project location: Kelessky district, Zhambyl and Bozaysky villages.

Project Implementation Mechanism:
Contributions of the Parties
JSC SEC Turkestan - land plots at market value, according to the report of an independent appraiser;
Partner/Investor - material, financial, labor and other resources necessary for the implementation of the project.

In order to implement the intensive development of agriculture, land plots can be provided in the following areas:
• Fruit growing;
• Vegetable growing;
• Feed production;
• Cattle breeding.

Qualification requirements for a Potential partner:
1) A potential partner should not be subject to bankruptcy, liquidation or undergo rehabilitation procedures;
2) At the time of filing the application, the Potential Partner is not a party to legal proceedings, which, in turn, may negatively affect the activities of the Potential Partner, the implementation of the Project, or the property offered as a share of the Potential Partner's participation in the Project;
3) the potential partner has the necessary financial and/or material, labor resources for the implementation of the project (including affiliated companies);
4) absence of overdue (outstanding) debts on taxes and other mandatory payments, as well as overdue (outstanding) accounts payable to financial institutions;
5) the activity of a Potential Partner (including affiliated companies) is break-even during the last 2 (two) years preceding the date of filing the application according to financial and other statements. If the registration period of a legal entity is less than 2 (two) years – the activity is break-even for the entire period from the moment of its registration.

Criteria for determining the winner:
1) the proposed profitability of JSC SEC Turkestan from the implementation of the project, including: the size of the share of JSC SEC Turkestan based on the results of joint activities/project implementation;
2) forecast productivity of agricultural production (volume of gross output);
3) deadlines for the implementation of the project and the return of the investment of JSC SEC Turkestan;
4) work experience in the field corresponding to the direction of implementation of the investment project;
5) availability of own funds for the implementation of the project;
6) availability of access to credit resources.

Appendix 1. List of necessary documents for the Project provided by a Potential partner for participation in the selection
Appendix 2. Application form.
Appendix 3. Recommended structure of the business plan.