Dear residents of Turkestan!

In order to implement the mechanisms of stabilization and regulation of prices for socially significant food products, the Joint-Stock Company "Social and Entrepreneurial Corporation "Turkestan" (hereinafter referred to as the Company) announces a competition to determine commission agents (tenants) for shopping pavilions (social stores) located in the city of Turkestan according to the table:


Location of the shopping pavilion (social store)

Shopping pavilion (social store) №

The area of the shopping pavilion (social store)


Al-Farabi Street (gas station "Birlik")

social store № 5

24 m2


Zhaugashty market

(Zhenis Park)

social store № 14

24 m2


microdistrict Otyrar

social store № 10

24 m2


microdistrict Otyrar

social store № 1

24 m2

The purpose of the social store: price stabilization of socially significant food products;

The term for the provision of a commercial pavilion for property hire is 1 year;

Conditions for the provision of a commercial pavilion for property hire: the sale of food products of the Company within the framework of price stabilization of socially significant food products.

Applications for participation in the competition will be accepted from July 13 to July 31 2022 according to Appendix 1 (on working days from 09:00 to 19:00 hours), at the address Turkestan city, Zhana Kala, 32nd street, building 20, 4th floor.

Required list of documents for participation in the competition:

- application form for the provision of a trade pavilion for property lease (lease) in accordance with Annex 1;

- a copy of the certificate (certificate) of state registration (re-registration) of a legal entity, for an individual - a copy of the document on registration as a business entity, for a temporary association of legal entities (consortium) - a copy of the consortium agreement;

- a copy of the identity card of the business entity;

- a document of your own current account with a bank note on the availability of funds for business activities;

- certificate of absence of tax debts of the business entity.


- a document certifying the authority of the representative (if necessary);

- availability of a presentation or business plan (if available);

- availability of financial resources for the further functioning of trade pavilions (certificate/extract);

- availability of a certificate (mothers with many children, single mothers, socially vulnerable families, disabled people of group III).

For all questions of interest, please contact JSC SEC Turkestan. Contact phone number: 8-747-504-73-99.


Application form for the provision of a shopping pavilion (social store) for property hire (lease)