Organizer: JSC "Social and Entrepreneurial Corporation "Turkestan".
Location of the organizer: Republic of Kazakhstan, Turkestan region, Turkestan, Zhana kala microdistrict, 32 street, building 20.
Time and date of application acceptance: from 9:00 a.m., June 23, 2022, Nur-Sultan time.
Information about the housing being sold.
Location of housing: Turkestan, md. Zhana Kala, residential buildings No.31, 34, 35.
The name of the residential complex: "Arman".
Number of rooms: 2, 3.
Apartment size: two-room apartments: from 61.5 to 67.8 square meters; three-room apartments: from 86.1 to 86.6 square meters.
Number of floors of residential buildings: five-storey
The cost of housing: according to the report on the assessment of the market value of the property.
Contact details of the representative of JSC "SEC "Turkestan":
+7 747 894 48 66 Bekdaulet Kalybekuly
Application acceptance address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Turkestan region, Turkestan, Zhana kala microdistrict, 32 street, building 20, 4th floor, room 419.

Mechanism and conditions for accepting applications for housing reservations:
- an application for booking a certain dwelling for subsequent redemption (in any form) is accepted by a representative of JSC SEC Turkestan from the moment the information is published on the Company's website;
- in case of receipt of applications for booking for one dwelling from several buyers, the dwelling is booked for the person who submitted the application earlier than others;
- booking of a dwelling for redemption is carried out only if the applicants provide proof of solvency:
1) for persons planning to purchase housing for cash, confirmation is the provision of a certificate from the bank about the balance of funds on the current account of a potential buyer. The amount of funds in the settlement account at the time of submitting an application for booking housing must be at least 70% of the amount of housing planned for purchase.
2) for persons planning to purchase housing through mortgage lending, it is a prerequisite to provide an official document of the bank, confirming the sufficiency of the income of the depositor (bank client) for the possibility of obtaining a mortgage housing loan;
- the applicant will be notified in writing of the decision of the authorized body of JSC SEC Turkestan on the conclusion of a purchase and sale agreement or rejection of the submitted application.