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Reminder of partner NC «JSC «SEC «Turkistan»

The government is a full shareholder of NC « JSC «SEC «Turkistan» ; working with investors the joint-stock company can use all administrative resources and other leverages to have effect on local executive bodies. Possessing the status of a National company allows it to be a participant of all state programs.

NC « JSC «SEC «Turkistan» can provide the following services:

  • Registration of a legal entity;
  • Obtainment of investor and business visa;
  • Obtainment of permits;
  • Entering into investment contract;
  • Provision of information services (on state support);
  • Suggestions on investment projects (for needed industries);
  • Project follow-up from beginning up to launch (creation of road map).
  • Promotion of dialog between investor and state body;
  • Solution of problems that investors can encounter in Kazakhstan (protection of rights and legitimate interest of investors);
  • Assignment of land lot and initiate withdrawal of land lots based on local executive bodies for production agricultural needs.

Laws and regulations

Commercial code of RK provides the submission of various guarantees allowing to minimize risks while carrying out investment activity in Kazakhstan.

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  • • An investor is provided with complete and direct protection of rights and interests.

  • • Investors at their own discretion may use incomes received from their activity, after paying taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget, and also to open an bank accounts in banks within the territory of RK according to bank and currency legislation of RK.

  • • Investors are provided with free access for information about registration of entities, their statutes, registration of bargains with real estates, and also about issued licenses, except information containing commercial and other legally protected secret.

  • • Compulsory asset diversion of the investor for government needs is allowed in exceptional circumstances stipulated by the law of RK. While nationalization, the losses sustained by the investor in the result of publishing regulatory acts of RK about nationalization are reimbursed on a full indemnity basis. Seizure of investor’s property is executed by paying him a market value of the property.

  • • Guarantee for stability while legislation changing. The entities carrying out investment priority projects and investment strategic projects are guaranteed for stability according to article 289 of the Commercial code of RK while changing: tax legislation of RK due to the Code of RK «On Taxes and other Obligatory Payments to the budget».

  • • Republic of Kazakhstan guarantees the stability of contract conditions concluded between the investors and state bodies of RK excepting cases when the amendments are made by agreement of the parties.

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To get acquainted you can download codes and laws: