South Kazakhstan is an ideal region for the development of fisheries
South Kazakhstan is an ideal region for the development of fisheries

JSC "NC" SEC "Shymkent" plans to assist in the development of the fishing industry in Southern Kazakhstan. There are the most favorable conditions in our region for cultivation and breeding of elite breeds of fish. Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Republican Association of Fisheries "KazRybHoz" for science and aquaculture Serik Temirkhanov was invited to the JSC "NC" SEC "Shymkent" to discuss the prospects for the development of fisheries,

  1. Temirkhanov believes that South Kazakhstan is an ideal region for growing fish. Only in 2016 fisheries of our region sold 400 tons of carp. This industry can be successfully developed by growing expensive varieties of fish. For example, in the Shardara reservoir good conditions for growing carp, a lot of water bodies and rivers of the region are suitable for trout breeding, underground waters in the Saryagash district are suitable for breeding tilapia fish.

Participants of the meeting were interested in how big risks are in this industry? S. Temirkhanov assured that with good care of the fish, the risks are minimal. With the support of the state and attracting investment in this sector, taking into account international experience, fisheries will develop, and bring a considerable income. JSC "NC" SEC "Shymkent" intend to develop projects in the field of aquaculture in South Kazakhstan.