Joint-stock company "Social and entrepreneurial Corporation "Turkestan"



The construction of a multifamily residential complex "Arman" in the city of Turkestan

Project Category: Realised
Project cost: 14000000000
Project Initiator / Applicant: JSC "SEC "Turkestan"
Developer / Partner: Energoexport LLP, Shymkentkurylys LLP, Fundamental LLP, NK Building LLP, Kazykurt Corporation LLP, Arnau Group LLP, Fundamental LLP Shanyrak PC, Global Archstroy LLP
Implementation period: 2019-2020
Place of sale: Turkestan city

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Construction of Brownfield industrial buildings in the industrial zone of Turkestan

Project Category: Realised
Project cost: 716417000
Project Initiator / Applicant: JSC "SEC "Turkestan"
Developer / Partner: "Asia Service AS" LLP
Implementation period: 2019 – 2020
Place of sale: The Turkestan region, Turkestan city, Industrial zone
Share in the project: JSC " SEC "Turkestan" 80%, "Asia Service" LLP 20%
Project Area: 2 industrial buildings with a total area of 4,800 sq. m.

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Creation of an irrigation system on an area of 782 hectares

Project Category: Planned
Project cost: 1055700000
Implementation period: 2020-2021
Place of sale: Turkestan region, Shaga
Share in the project: Investment volume of SEC “Turkestan”: to be specified
Project Area: 782 ha in Shaga
Инвестор: Investor search in progress

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"Construction of a coffee shop in Turkestan" (with a franchise)

Project Category: Realised
Project cost: 120000000
Project Initiator / Applicant: JSC "SEC "Turkestan"
Place of sale: Floral Park, small Arbat street, a pedestrian alley named after N. Nazarbayev.
Sources of project financing, the size of the Company's participation: JSC " SEC "Turkestan" enters the project with land plots; the Partner is the construction of a coffee shop, the introduction of a franchise, equipment, labor resources, management, technical materials.
Scale / power, project components: The area is about 500 sq. m.
Project Development Areas: Creating a comfortable type of coffee restaurant for tourists, visitors and residents of the city.
Members: Potential partner-investor (determined); JSC " SEC " Turkestan»

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